Wavechaser Internal Swell

Wavechaser Internal Swell

Wave crests propagating northward (red/orange) and southward (blue) as detected from space. Wave crests and troughs are seen propagating away from Hawaii and the Aleutians - over 3500 km away in each case.

Altimetry data provided by: Z. Zhao, M. H. Alford, and J. B. Girton. Mapping low-mode internal tides from multisatellite altimetry. Oceanography, 25(2):42–51, 2012.

Model cross section adapted from J. Klymak, S. Legg, M. H. Alford, M. Buijsman, R. Pinkel, and J. D. Nash. The direct breaking of internal waves at steep topography. Oceanography, 25(2):150–159, 2012. 

Image design and creation was a collaboration between Matthew Alford, and the Center for Environmental Visualization (CEV)

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  • Date: 2014-06-12

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