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Web-Enabling Environmental Inventory Systems (3 credits)

Class Syllabus:


This course will explore the more practical aspects of enabling E-commerce through the World Wide Web. By investigating the most popular technologies used by organizations to track inventory on-line, students will get hands-on experience implementing a Web-enabled system. This year's course will focus on incorporating environmental data (weather, hydrology, ocean circulation, marine biology, etc.) made available daily from the PRISM project active on the UW campus. Students will gain skills through rigorous use of four popular technical standards: HTML, XML, CGI, and SQL.


The course will consist of faculty and guest lectures, video presentations and in-class discussions.


Active full-time student status


Spring Quarter 2006
Mondays/Wednesdays, 8:30-9:50AM
MEB 242


4 credits will be given for this course upon the successful completion of:

  • Class participation - 10%
  • In class HTML (including XHTML) and XML Exam - 20%
  • Client-side of Inventory System Project - 20%
  • Group Environmental Data Inclusion Project - 20%
  • Take Home SQL Exam - 10%
  • Client-Server Inventory System Project - 20%


Grading will be calculated based on the percentages given above.


Bruce Campbell

Lecturer, Industrial Engineering

Research Scientist, Human Interface Technology Laboratory
Box 352142
Seattle, WA 98195

Office: 202 Ocean Sciences Building (OSB)
Office Hours: Mondays/Wednesdays 2:30PM-4:30PM (or by appointment)
Telephone: OSB Office: 685-5356



1. HTML 4 FOR THE WORLD WIDE WEB -or- HTML FOR THE WORLD WIDE WEB with XHTML and CSS - Elizabeth Castro - $19.99 - required
2. XML FOR THE WORLD WIDE WEB VISUAL QUICKSTART GUIDE - Elizabeth Castro - $19.99 - required

Course Handouts and On-Line Readings as identified below and in class



27 Mar

Course Overview

  • Course Objectives
  • Motivation
  • Job Possibilities
  • Course Requirements
  • Course Web Support
  • Environmental Data 101
  • Web versus Internet
  • Client versus Server

29 Mar

Diving into the Web Opportunity:

  • The Class Project
  • Scripting versus Programming versus Languages
  • Versions of HTML (2.0, 3.2, 4.0) and XHTML
  • Cascading Style Sheets
  • XML
  • The PRISM Project - Virtual Puget Sound
  • Read the Project 1 Instructions document on-line.
  • Read the Soil Network PDF article on-line.
  • Continue Reading Chapters 1-6 of HTML 4 For the World Wide Web (you can just skim chapter 5).
  • Begin your interactive exploration of HTML (or XHTML) using the book examples and pages you find on-line.
  • Investigate the examples from previous years' projects (from links on last year's Home Page)

3 Apr

HTML Boot Camp

  • Let's Do Some Basic HTML
  • Software for Creating Web Pages:
    • Browser
    • Text Editor
    • HTML Editor
    • (Go Live, Front Page, Dream Weaver)
  • The Standard Setting Organization:
    • The World Wide Web Consortium (
  • Vocabulary
    • URL
    • TCP/IP
  • Prepare to discuss the class project on Wednesday
    • Continue interacting with chapters 1-6 of our HTML 4 book and use the Web to find more information on the topics to the left.

    5 Apr

    Course Project Discussion

    • Web-Enabling Client Presentations
    • PRISM Project Environmental Data Sets
    • The Center for Environmental Visualization
    • Practice by doing chapters 1-6 of the HTML 4 book and use the Web to find more information on any HTML topic of interest.

    10 Apr

    HTML Boot Camp in MGH 044

    • Links and Images
    • Forms
    • Questions Regarding Your Attempts at HTML
    • Table Layout
    • Area Maps
    • Advanced Spacing and Padding
    • Cascading Style Sheets
    • Edition 4 of HTML Book: Read Chapters 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
    • Edition 5 of HTML Book: Read Chapters 7, 13, 14, 15, 16

    12 Apr

    XHTML Boot Camp in MGH 044

    • Introduction to XHTML as an XML encoding of HTML
    • Clarity on the self-directed method and its applicability to the information age - how well do you do?
    • Frame sets
    • Study the on-line document outlining your project work responsibilities
    • Practice your HTML or XHTML skills in regards to the project goals

    17 Apr

    HTML/XHTML Examples

    • XHTML Validation
    • Question and Answer session on HTML and XHTML
    • XML Syntax, Rules, and DTDs
    • Lightning Strike Markup Language
    • Edition 4 of HTML Book: Read Chapters 13, 14, 15, 16
    • Edition 5 of HTML Book: Read Chapters 8, 9, 10, 11
    • Practice your HTML or XHTML skills in regards to the project goals

    19 Apr

    Introduction to XML
    • XML Schema, XSLT Style Sheets
    • XML Databases, WSDL and SOAP Messaging
    • In-class Discussion
    • Dive into XML Readings
    • Investigate the lightning strike case study on-line

    24 Apr

    XML Practicum
    • Environmental Data Meta Data Standards
    • Project 2 Discussion
    • Project 2 Groups Assigned
    • Introduction to the Data Stream
    • Project 1 Due Saturday Night 11:59PM
    • Prepare to Turn in a link to your Project 1 (or e-mail content to me)
    • Review chapters 1-4 in XML Readings

    26 Apr

    Database Modeling Day in MGH 044
    • Required Attendance Day
    • Determining the Data Schema
    • Relational Databases
    • Database Modeling Exercise
    • Review XML Readings
    • Read about Project 2
    • Project 1 Grading Comments

    1 May

    XML Practicum II
    • XML Technologies Technical Review
      • Hands on XML, XML Schema, DTD, XSLT, XPath, XQuery
    • Review chapters 5-12 in XML Readings

    3 May

    Databases Overview in MGH 044
    • Structured Query Language (SQL)
    • SQL Keywords
    • Examples of SQL
    • Prepare for HTML/XHTML/XML Exam on Monday

    8 May

    • XML, XML Schema, DTD, and XSLT questions

    10 May

    Web-Enabling Data
    • Dynamic Forms using SQL's INSERT INTO Command
    • Dynamic Reports using SQL's SELECT Command
    • Demonstrations using the Parts and Suppliers Database

    15 May

    CGI Primer
    • CGI Explained
    • Java Server Pages and PHP in Action
    • Start the SQL Take-Home Exam

    17 May
    Web Services
    • Project 2 Due at 11:59 next Wednesday Night
    • Web Services
    • Introduction to Grid Comptuting (and Certificates)
    • Introduction to Peer-to-Peer (and Advertisements)
    • Project 3 Discussion

    22 May
    PHP and JSP Boot Camp in MGH 044
    • The Center for Environmental Visualization's (CEV) Information Services
    • Using Tag Libraries to Hide Java Code

    26 May
    Project Questions and Answers in OUGL Collaboratory 1
    • Review of Project 3 Requirements
    • JSP Questions and Answers

    31 May
    Course Recap
    • The Center for Environmental Visualization's Visualization Pipeline
    • Review of Course Objectives
    • Final Projects Due on June 9th at 11:59pm PDT