Visualization Stories

  • COVE

    The Collaborative Ocean Visualization Environment (COVE) is a visualization system designed with ocea

  • NCCE

    This illustration was a cover for a Seagrant proposal focused on the North California Counter Current

  • Elliott Bay Topography
    Elliott Bay Topograph

    As part of the University of Washington “Come Together Washington” CEV set up an interact

  • ROMS Model
    ROMS Model

    With support from the Puget Sound Regional Synthesis Model (PRISM) project CEV is involved in creatin

  • Air Pollution
    Air Pollution

    With support from the National Parks Service and the College of Ocean and Fishery Sciences, CEV devel

  • Tacoma Fault Earthquake Simulation
    Tacoma Fault Earthqua

    To create an animation sequence of a Tacoma Fault Earthquake, CEV collaborated with the Department of